A hair stylist recommends several products to customers who want to know how to care for their hair. Since she doesn’t carry those or any other products, she has to send the customers to another shop to buy the items. This means she has missed out on all of that potential revenue and has given it to someone else instead. A smart small business owner will be sure he or she takes advantage of the chance to sell related items and services to clients instead of sending those customers to someone else.

Why Upselling Products Works

People are busy and stressed. The last thing someone who finally managed to squeeze in a visit to the hair stylist needs is yet another errand. When the hair stylist offers the recommended hair care products right there in the same building, he or she is providing a convenience that customers appreciate. Because of the convenience factor, hair stylists don’t need to compete with budget hair care businesses or beauty supply wholesalers. They can sell products at a substantial mark up and still make a decent number of sales.

Pet sitters who offer grooming services and coffee shops that offer attractive coffee related gift ideas are two other examples of businesses providing the same convenience to their customers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Promote Upsells

Some small business owners feel that asking customers to buy products is too pushy. They are afraid that they will seem like they are just after money. The key to making an upsell without seeming pushy is to genuinely believe that the product or service will be helpful to your customer and to simply state that you have a product or service that would help solve the customer’s problem.

For example, a hair salon owner knows that the shampoo and styling products he or she uses in the salon will help a customer keep that new haircut and dye job looking awesome until the customer comes in for a touch up. In this case, the stylist shouldn’t hesitate to tell the customer that the products that were used to create today’s look are available right by the register. Even better, he or she should go to the shelf, get the products and tell the customer that they will help keep that hair looking fantastic. On future visits, the stylist should remember to ask if the customer needs more of any of these products.

Remember, when upselling is done properly, it isn’t just upselling. It is also great customer service.