Netspray is a totally new internet phenomenon. It is based on the idea of social-ad marketing. It is being observed as following in the footsteps of Ebay, only updated for this Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogspot world we live in. You will want to get in on the ground floor because that is always where the winners have their business! Learn how to sell on Netspray.

Netspray has as homepage, just like Ebay, where you can browse for items to buy, and you pay through Paypal, just like on Ebay. But that is about where the similarities end. Netspray charges you nothing to list your item, and they charge you no final value fee at the end based on the selling price. Ebay’s fees have gone up lately, much to the chagrin of many of their sellers. After you list your item, you then can download a little code to place on your blog, in forums, on your Facebook or Myspace, or Twitter. People can click on this and check out your item. This little advertisement with a picture is referred to as a Widget. You can “spray the net” with your widget, and when the item is sold, they will all be removed. Depending on the exposure your item gets, there is a potential for lots of money. You determine a commission you would be willing to pay another Netspray user or Netspray itself to market this item with widgets on other sites. Of course, the higher the commission, the greater chance you have of selling your item.

Another very unique thing about Netspray is that you don’t even have to have anything to sell! You can go to Netspray, click on an item you are interested in and then click” sell” underneath the item. You can actually market someone else’s item on your internet social networking sites, and you will make the commission! You could find an item that is offered in quantity, place a widget on your Facebook, and sell quite a few of these. If you have a blogspot about dogs, you could place a widget for special dog collars someone was selling. It is like opening your own little store and you never have to deal with any inventory at all!

If you want to learn how to sell on Netspray, you can go to the website, which is included at the end of the article in resources, and register for an account. It is very fast, and they do not ask for any financial information. If you are an Ebay seller, you can upgrade your membership for a very small introductory amount and upload your expired Ebay listings to Netspray in bulk, almost effortlessly.

This may be the future of our economy; if you want to get in on the ground floor, register for Netspray. If you want to learn how to sell on Netspray in more detail, you can also sign up for the Netspray University which is offered online and in real seminars.